“In order to succeed, we have to believe that we can.”

-Nikos Kazantzakis

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Providing Individual Counseling, Couples Therapy and Family Therapy in

Berwyn, PA

Individual Counseling in Berwyn, PA

Berwyn is a town in Chester County, PA and it is a census-designated place. Berwyn received its name in 1877 when one of the Welsh settlers introduced the name Berwyn after the Berwyn Hills in Wales. Berwyn is a suburb of philadelphia and it is part of the Main Line. With a population of about 3’000 people it is part of the Tredyffrin/Easttown School District.

Frank Johnson Memorial Park is also located in Berwyn, it is operated by the towniships government and offers basketball courts, volleyball courts and many other activities for families.

The town of Berwyn is also famous for the Footlighters’ Theater. Footlighters’ Theater has provided the Philadelphia area with more than 80 years of non-profit entertainment. Berwyn also hosts the headquarters of multinational companies as TE Connectivity, a Swiss technology company, and Ametek, an american manufacturer of electronic instruments.

Providing Individual Counseling, Couples Therapy and Family Therapy in Berwyn, PA
Providing Individual Counseling, Couples Therapy and Family Therapy in  Berwyn, PA

Couples Therapy and Family Therapy in Berwyn, PA

Malvern Therapy Associates provides quality care to the residents of Berwyn, PA and the surrounding areas. 

We specialize in everything from Family Counseling to Relationships & Divorce. It is our duty to improve the lives of our clients as well as their loved ones through helping them deal with stress.

Michele Amen is a licensed, professional counselor who will work to help motivate, encourage and support clients to make choices that will improve their day-to-day lives, relationships and overall satisfaction.

Therapy Services in Berwyn, PA

Therapy Services in Berwyn, PA

Here at Malvern Therapy Associates, we work with our clients to provide them with all of the therapy services they may need. Whether it be individual, family, or couples counseling, our team has got you covered. We seek to create a safe environment for our clients that allows them to speak freely and get to the core of any issues. If you live in the Berwyn area and are interested in starting therapy, give us a call today at Malvern Therapy Associates.

Berwyn, PA Family Therapy Services

Berwyn, PA Family Therapy Services

Family troubles can cause strain on your work, life, and emotions. At Malvern Therapy Associates, we are here to help. Issues are temporary, and any problems can be resolved. And our certified therapists are ready to help with any issues. Our professionals will make sure that everyone in your family is heard and understood, and will get you back to the loving family you once were. Check out our site and give us a call today to schedule a consultation.


Successful therapy is based on several factors. Experience, knowledge, compassion, patience and understanding all contribute to good outcomes. Michele also understands the importance of having the right fit in a counselor. Click below to see if Michele is well suited for you


“Why did I do that again last night?”
“Why do we keep fighting?”
“Everything I do is wrong”
“Why don’t I enjoy my job anymore?”
“I wish I could stop reacting so emotionally to him.”

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